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1 Litre Spray Bottle

1 Litre Spray Bottle
1 Litre Spray Bottle
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This Indoor Use spray gun is versatile and has many advantages over other hand held spray guns. It has a simple mechanism that releases the water from the bottle shaped container and the lid detaches when the bottle needs to be refilled. Although a gardening tool this little gem can be used around the house for a huge number of tasks. This Bottle Suitable for for ironing, cleaning glass or mirrors or even misting houseplants that prefer less water. If you need a tougher spray gun then just twist the nozzle to refine the amount of water released from the jet. It has an adjustable spray nozzle so you can adjust the spray type while using. eg. mist spray or direct spray. Great for spraying plants with plain water or with different feeds and nutrients. Perfect for watering young or week plants without damaging the plant or roots. Features:- This sprayer will hold up to 1 Litre of liquid. Hand held Sprayer with pump action trigger Convenient size Easy to top up from any tap Versatile usage adaptable nozzle Cool sprayer even on your skin Ideal for home and garden use. Measuring guide on back of bottle shows amount in oz or ml. Easy twist off cap for simple refills. Can be used inside outside or anywhere you want!
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